Carrick trained concussion doctor, a board-certified chiropractic neurologist and fellow in traumatic brain injury. Today I want to talk about the brain and what the brain does. The best question to say is, “What doesn’t the brain do?” It does everything. It allows me to talk, and while I’m talking, my lungs are breathing in/out, my heart is beating, my pupils are open and closed, depending on how bright these lights are. The sound. I hate hearing my sound on the video, but the sound of my voice. I sing great in the car with the music turned up. My thought, my personality, my ability to understand others. Am I right on with what someone is saying? Are they too sensitive? Am I too sensitive? Movement, the ability to crawl. Reflexes, to catch myself if I’m falling. Digestion, breaking down your food. Controls your immune system. Balance, eye movements, smell and they all happen at once. So it’s not like one thing happens at the same time. If I was just smelling something, my muscles still have to help me stand up. If I’m smelling something while standing up, I have to be able to still stay standing. So multiple things are going on with the brain. What I do is, I try to get specific to who, what, when and where. How these multiple areas are coming in to talk, or function, or send information to different parts of the brain. The other thing is the brain, there are many areas that go together. I may put my hand on this desk here and I can feel how hard I’m leaning on it. The information goes up through my arm, comes up to this lobe, fires to this lobe and fires information down to my muscles to say, “Hey, either that’s hot, it’s not. You can leave your hand there. Let’s put a little more weight on your feet.” Lots of things happen with the brain. Hopefully, this gives you a little bit of an idea. There are multiple other things that happen, but these are the main concepts to really understand.

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