Happy holidays

This has been a busy year for our office with post graduate studies then becoming Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists, a business name change to Southern California Brain Center, a new office manager (Michelle) and 2 chiropractic interns that have graduated!

Intern Graduation

Congrats to Saira Ramirez and Elizabeth Johnson on completing their long hours of schooling to become Chiropractors!  We are proud of you and know you will do great where ever life takes you.

2014-12-22 08.25.09

I hope you all recognize the picture above.  It is from one of my most favorite holiday movies called National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  Yes, spending time with family during the holidays can create stress on the body which may materialize as symptoms of many different types.  We realize the holidays can be hard for some and great for others and we are here if needed.  We would like to wish our patients a happy, safe and healthy holiday season!!

Our office hours for the next two weeks are as follows:

Monday 12/22, 12/29   8-12, 2-6

Tuesday 12/23, 12/30   2-6

Wednesday 12/24   8-12, 12/31   8-12, 2-5

Thursday 12/25, 1/1   closed

Friday 12/26, 1/2 normal hours   8-12, 2-6

Take care,

Dr. Brown D.C., D.A.C.N.B.


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