Creative Light Bulb Idea And Difference Concept


It is that time of year again.  The time where you don’t know what to give people for the holidays because they already have everything they need. BUT there are some that would rather give than receive this season.  Below are 3 different causes that I would suggest giving a donation to support.   Each of these are near and dear to my heart and I hope you take a little time to read about them.

First, is my friend and colleague  who I studied with in Chiropractic school. It has been almost 3 years to the day in which Dr. Bill Davis, D.C. had to make a career change due to a life changing accident.  They are pushing hard this season to raise money to buy Dr. Davis a van he can drive and and accommodate his family and wheelchair. Please go to  and read his story.

Second, is a program that was started by my colleague’s wife.  They have 2 children and one has Cerebral Palsy.  They found that they were having a hard time being able to do anything for themselves and give their child a chance to be independent from them.  So she started a non-profit called Night lights Kids.  It is a program to all kids with disabilities of all types to come and play for a night.  It is all done by volunteers and the child gets to be in charge of his or her evening.  There are many activities that are designed to actually work as therapy at the same time. It also give parents a chance to be alone, nap, shop, be with other children, talk with their spouse alone…the time is priceless.  Please go to to read about this program and donate.

And the third place to donate is called  Carrick Care. It  is an international, not for profit organization committed to increasing awareness about brain injuries and neurological conditions while providing financial support to individuals who require neurological treatment and therapies but cannot otherwise afford them. Please go to to learn more and donate.

Happy Holidays to all!

Thank you,

Dr. Julie Brown D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

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