Chiropractic Treatment in Los Alamitos

Chiropractic Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)

” I first presented myself to Dr. Brown with hip pain.  When this resolved I left for a vacation.  After a strenuous six weeks of travel, I returned with vertigo and fatigue. I turned again to Dr. Brown for treatment. I am currently being treated by her with good results. I highly recommend this efficient and caring Dr. ”

– Hilary

Chiropractic is a diagnosis and treatment of the neuromusculoskeletal system.

This hands-on approach generates improved blood flow and nerve function through manipulations and adjustments, putting the body into its’ correct form.  Due to its finding success with patients, chiropractic has become the third largest doctored health care profession in the U.S, Canada and Australia.

Did your child have a head injury and now they have headaches, mood changes, sensitivity to bright lights and loud sounds?    Do you think that with time the symptoms will go away? Do you think their personality changes are just a growing phase? Maybe your child has been missing class due to a concussion and getting behind in their school work. Maybe you are concerned about their future life after their concussion.

Chiropractic is an essential healing tool for specific patients at our center. This technique helps to create balance in the body.

By finding the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that are not functioning properly, we use the appropriate application to help your body correct itself. We always use active release technique (A.R.T.) with our treatment. It makes chiropractic adjustments much easier and allows us to be “gentle adjustors” to those uncomfortable with regular adjustments.

At Southern California Brain Center there is no reason to be nervous about this treatment. Our care professionals do a full history evaluation before treatment and have been trained through a doctoral program to look at the neurological, biomechanical, and biological aspects of the body.
We know that when a joint is “out of alignment” it really means it is not moving through its full range of motion due to neurological, mechanical and chemical implications.  With our expertise, you can gain back the joint motion you need to live healthy and pain free.

Serving North Orange County and Southern Los Angeles County

Dr. Julie Brown D.C. is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist has had special training with Dr. Ted Carrick D.C. through the Carrick Institute with a focus on mild traumatic brain injuries and concussion rehab.  Since 2005, Dr. Brown has helped many patients improve their quality of life from conditions such as concussions, movement disorders, post concussive syndrome, vertigo, migraines, TMJ and chronic pain, just to name a few. She has the knowledge, equipment, experience and expertise that will help find solutions to your unanswered questions and symptoms. Stop just living with post concussive syndrome and start the path towards a better you by calling our office below.

If you are interested in getting baseline testing for your child or a team please call our office for more information or to schedule an appointment! (562) 799-9150

We are located in Los Alamitos, on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County, near Long Beach and Garden Grove.  A short drive for one of the most important parts of your body – your brain.

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