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5 Blood Sugar Balancing Tips For The Holiday Season

by Dr. Cindy Downing D.C, D.A.C.N.B.

Fall has officially begun with the Halloween festivities over and our first rain! If you felt a little hungover Saturday morning after indulging in some haunting treats then here are five tips to avoid that sugar crash through the New Year.
1. Never have the sugary treat by itself.
     -Enjoy a glass of unsweetened coconut or almond milk with the sugary morsel. This will slow the sugar being released into your blood stream so you have less of an insulin spike which then avoids the sugar crash.
2. No coffee and cookie mornings.
     – We all have busy lives and the temptation to grab your morning cup of joe and something already prepared that is sitting on your kitchen counter luring you in is a sure recipe for a pre-lunch blood sugar crash. At the least, eat a few handfuls of macadamia nuts or some leftover steak from the night before on your way out the door then enjoy your coffee and avoid that nicely frosted sugar cookie platter.
3. Do not toast on an empty stomach.
     -Whether it be work parties or family gatherings, make sure you have had a meal that includes protein to slow the alcohol sugars bombarding your blood stream. Also definitely avoid sugary treats before enjoying adult libations.
4. Bring in the reinforcements.
     – If you know you have blood sugar handling issues from filling out our metabolic survey that was part of your intake forms, then supplemental support should be considered. If you tend towards fatigue/craving sugar treats after meals, difficulty losing weight, fasting glucose is around 100 or higher, or you need coffee/tea after meals these are signs of insulin resistance. A supplement formulated to help glucose to get in the cell would support your blood sugar handling through the holidays if you do decide to indulge.
5. Share the wealth.
     -A great way to spread holiday cheer and limit your sugar intake is sharing. If you are gifted a box or platter of a sugary treats open it a work, take it with you to school, bring it to a meeting or social gathering. The smaller the sugar dose the smaller the blood sugar spike and thus avoiding the dreaded sugar crash.
Good luck traversing the sugary temptations that this holiday season holds. Now you have a few tips to better navigate the sweet terrain.
Happy Holidays!


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