Pain Doesn’t Have to Be Permanent.

We’ve all heard the saying “push through the pain”, and for some of us this is a way of life. It doesn’t have to be. Whether from a specific injury, or simply a by-product of aging, pain shouldn’t be a way of life. At Southern California Brain Center we have solutions.

Concussion Care

We offer services that alleviate concussion symptoms, aid in stroke rehabilitation, lift brain fog, and reduce headaches and migraines. We can also help with shoulder pain, autoimmune diseases, thyroid symptoms, and weight loss management.

What To Expect

Our patients usually come to us frustrated after having experienced unsuccessful treatments elsewhere. And for that reason our approach to treatment is unique and personalized, right from the start. Click here to learn more about what to expect at your first visit.

Our Philosophy

We strive to better your quality of life. We work hard to identify treatment plans that bring you ease of movement, relief and ultimate comfort. Above all else, we are always here for you.

Carly B.

"Amazing first experience here! I saw Dr. Downing today and was very pleased with her holistic thorough approach to treating my condition. I have had work related neck, shoulder, back, and arm pain for years and when I have visited other chiropractors in the past,...


“When I went in for my first visit I had several different problems. In order to determine possible causes for my pain and discomfort Dr. Brown took several things in to consideration including muscular and skeletal problems, diet and stressors from everyday life....

Kevin, Professional Baseball Player

“I had a lot of tightness in my shoulder from throwing which led to sharp pains in my elbow while throwing. Sessions with Dr. Brown not only loosened up my shoulder but also alleviated the pain entirely. This was unbelievably valuable going into my dirt spring...


“I first presented myself to Dr. Brown with hip pain.  When this resolved I left for a vacation.  After a strenuous six weeks of travel, I returned with vertigo and fatigue. I turned again to Dr. Brown for treatment. I am currently being treated by her with good...

Mark Michaelsen, Rossmoor, CA

“Our 11 year old son suffered 3 concussions in a 3 day time span. He was exhausted and was experiencing headaches and balance issues which affected his school  work and extra-curricular activities.  It was suggested that we seek out Dr. Brown for treatment.  At that...

Elizabeth Pham, Cypress, CA

“We wanted to find an ART provider for our son to help him stay healthy through his tennis season, at school and with club. We found Dr. Downing at Southern California Brain Center and have been so happy. She explained why our son continued to have the same injuries...

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